The Music

Derek loved music from the start. In his childhood, he fondly remembers listening to Beatles and The Beach Boys blasting every Saturday night from his dad's radio. In his adolescence, he tried his hand at concert and marching band, and knew he had a love for music and performing.

After a brief stint in college, Derek toured for several years in the melodic rock band, Monday Morning. Playing hundreds of shows all around the USA, they supported their international release "Fool's Paradise", featuring the #1 hit "Wonder of it All". Even with all the forward momentum, a label shutdown unfortunately caused Monday Morning to disband and move on.

After a decade, filled with starting a career and a family,  the love for creating music pulled Derek to write and record his first solo EP, The Sinking Ship. The songs chronicle the journey from a hopeful rock star to a husband and father, struggling with faith and conflict all while appreciating the man he is becoming.

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